Nature Cure Health Specialist

Dr. Reena Jain

Dr. Reena Jain is a Naturopath & a Nutritionist, currently practicing for the last 6 years. Her love for Nature Cure and an unquenchable thirst within her to help, to give back to society, led her on this soulful and mindful journey. She has been instrumental in healing many across the globe who reached out to her for sincere guidance related to their physical and mental well being. She holds an M.D in Naturopathy. Her desire to dive deep into the subject led her to later pursue her Ph.D. in Naturopathy. She also holds a Diploma degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Her motto is "Simple living and easy thinking”.
Dr. Reena's treatment sessions include building a great rapport with the client, understanding the patient's condition, their lifestyle, and helping them change it in due course of time, thereby significantly improving their quality and essence of life.
Her forte lies in dealing with lifestyle disorders and psychosomatic conditions. The programs are personalized and customized based on client requirements. Dr. Reena also believes that "If the upstairs is kept clean, the downstairs will automatically be clean". To explain this, she lays great emphasis on the mental and emotional well being. She also curates Mental Health Fitness Programs that have helped a large number of people cope up with their mundane lives and help them achieve optimal health.


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Every individual is different and so are the HEALTH GOALS

we offer special curated packages catering to these diversified needs

What you eat is all the more important in this crucial phase. We help you to plan your diet that is healthy not only for you but also for the little one inside.

There is no point in loading your body with carbs and fats to gain weight. A right meal at the right time is the key to attaining the right weight.

Closely monitoring your diet is an important part of diabetes management. Get bespoke diabetes management guidance from our panel of nutrition experts.

The diet is made keeping in mind the increased requirements of certain nutrients depending on their training, frequency and intensity that will help to achieve the ULTIMATE GOAL.